Sunday, 4 January 2015

Bad blogger

Happy New Year- Happy 2015!

This was supposed to be a New Years Resolution page but...

I just found a blog post round up from 2013... Which I have not posted.

I also found a 'so happy we're married' round up which I have not posted.

It was nice to read back through them and relive the moments but it was also a crushing realisation that I am poor at finishing what I start. So top of the list for NYR-

Keep the momentum up and finish what you start- this also massively applies to YPYR as I have a number of posts in draft form that have been waiting for between 12-3 months.

My body is a temple- with day one of not smoking complete yesterday I feel optimistic about this one- stopping the bad habits and transforming my body into a bootcamp loving, healthy munching happy place to be- with the added insentive of an Ibiza hen do weekend for one of my Besties Gems!

Keep up the good work- I've been lucky enough to enjoy a successful year at work- we're winning projects, we're causing ripples and we just opened a new office in Kings Cross- which resulted in a supprise promotion on Christmas Eve. 

Positivity- I still use The Secret every day, some days it's harder than others, the area of my life that has most benefited this year is my work life. I've got everything I asked for this year and I'll make sure I endeavour to continue this theme into next year.

Four is enough to focus on I think. Now back to the blog catch ups.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

A momentous day...

... I wrote actual words in my wedding planner.

This is progress.


Sunday, 7 April 2013

So its been three months...

since we got engaged.
We originally talked about getting married September 2013, which I was very excited about until people [who actually now something about wedding planning] started to tell me I was going to have to start making quick decisions.
No big deal I hear you say... but making decisions is like physical torture for me.
It's not the big decisions about life changing moments that foil me, like who I will spend the rest of my life with [I know Dave is THE ONE, he is my soul mate and my best buddy] its the comparatively little decisions like which dressing table is the perfect solution for that specific space, budget and storage requirements.
I can't mentally commit to a decision until I have researched all the available alternatives, and satisfied myself that one option, above all others, fits the brief [I am also good a creating impossible briefs].
I am sure this mental torture has a lot to do with my training as a designer, where this kind of obsessive diligence pays dividends, but in day to day life it turns supposedly fun decisions in to overwhelming tasks.
Knowing the above, I still attempted to see if September 2013 was possible, but I found myself in decision-making paralysis due to the time constraints, so I had a few small break downs [see below] and then packed it in.
I've had about a month off wedding planning now and I feel rejuvenated and I am now excited again.
The turning point was that Dave and I stopped into a jewellers last weekend, just for fun, to look at wedding rings... and now I just want that ring and to be Mrs G as soon as possible.
A little break from all the hype and genuinely well meant advice from friends and family, and a bit of time alone with my fella made it crystal clear to me that all that matters is that I end up Mrs G... so now that is all I am planning.
I'll keep you posted...

2013: An Amazing Start

My word 2013 has been no stop action;

January saw us get engaged

February saw us buy a new house


Celebrate our 6 year aniversary in Amsterdam

March was dominated by a wave of 30th Birthdays now we are in to April which I have no doubt will bring more exciting news...

What a year and I could not be happier!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Progress Update: 365 Days Later

One year ago to the day I set myself (and the universe) a challenge to achieve Success, Health and Wealth in 365 days and here’s how I got on.

1)     Great Success and Wealth in my Perfect Career
Well I got a new job in April last year, which made me much better off financially and late in 2012 I was awarded a big flagship project to incorporate high end design. This project will be commencing 2013
I started my own Interior Design Blog and business undertook my first commission and have another scheme to start designing in 2013
I have started working in partnership with builder friend to provide outline designs and draughting skills

2)     Achieve my perfect weight:
Honestly all attempts have failed.
In 2013 I am determined to stop focusing on improving health and fitness.

As I spent more time thinking about what I want from my life I embraced my Expanding Ambitions to include:

3)     My Dream Home Self Build:
In 2012 we faced the fact that we would not be able to build a home on my mums land, I had been struggling to feel comfortable with the idea for a while so when we finally agreed to stop trying I think it came as a relief to everyone (especially my mum). It just wasn’t meant to be.
We also found and lost a development opportunity in a property in need of modernisation, although the loss of this property was heart breaking it cleared my mind and gave me focus. Refurbishment has always been my passion so as we move into 2013 we will hunting our next property with development potential.

4)     £300,000.00 in the savings account:
Sadly not yet

5)     Mulberry Alexa Handbag
Bagged it! On the way to New York I purchased my Mulberry with my first pay cheque from my first private job.

How Did I Do?
All in all, I feel like I achieved a lot in a year. It’s been a 365 days full of celebrations and good news and it’s not a bad year’s progress on my aspirations. The focus I have found by addressing my thought processes, and really thinking about what I want has helped me plan for my future without fear.
The Secret isn’t magic. It is addressing your approach and taking control of your life via the greatest tool that you possess; your mind.
It has taught me that I can do anything; I will never be trapped or lost because I am privileged to live in a society where I have the right to exercise choice and because I am surrounded by amazing people who I love whole heartedly.
Undoubtedly the single best thing the Secret has taught me is to enjoy and be grateful for the good in my life and to quash the relentless paranoia I used to suffer about it being taken away by chance. I am my own fate.
Whilst I haven’t achieved infinite wealth or success in the year gone by I intend to use the lessons I have leaned and my new found focus to continue perusing my goals in 2013.
Happy New Year Everyone, I wish you all the love, luck and happiness in the world.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Aspirations for 2013...

For the last 5 years I have made a huge list of about 30-40 New Year’s Resolutions; some are on-going, some are year specific and almost half of each list is yet to be achieved.
This year I have decided to take a different approach and (in keeping with The Secret) make my resolutions more about my mental approach to life rather than an impossible series of specific targets which will only serve to draw attention to where I have failed.
With this in mind, my resolutions for 2013 are:
Banish the perfection obsession- the world will not end if I leave the housework for a week
Stay positive and banish thoughts of lack (especially when it comes to time)
Acknowledge that relaxing and enjoying life is important
Better work/ life balance; make time for hobbies and exercise
Focus on improving health rather than losing weight (and as a pleasant side effect shed 1.5 stone before Las Vegas... Ha ha!)
Self-employment or a new job with flexibility
Develop [Your] place, Your Rules

Dry January... I shall not drink for one whole month

Happy New Year!


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Looking forward to 2013

I am prone to the post Christmas blues.

I absolutly adore Christmas; seeing friends and family and spending time with Dave. It always exciting, action packed and it always goes too fast.

Luckily my wonderful fella Dave knows I am prone to 'sad Janurary syndrome' and so for the last two years has booked a trip for our aniversary in February. This has promted me to start looking forward to all the fantastic things that 2013 has in store.


A health and career orientated Dry Janurary- I know this sounds boring but I am looking forward to a month free from distractions to focus on health and career

A visit to Harry Potter Studio Tour for my Dad's birthday

Aniversary trip to Amsterdam- Winter city breaks are my favorite

The second wave of 30th Birthdays (including mine)

Trip to Brussels for my friends 30th

The first baby in my group of school friends 

A baby shower

Two of our best friends are tying the knot in Vegas, which also means a vegas Hen Do and a USA Road trip, for Dave and I, in October.

Winter walks and cosy evenings in with good and healthy home cooked food

Snow...Then Spring... Then Summer

Longer days and shorter nights

Celebrations of engagments, marriages and expecting parents (I'm sure there will be more)


Summer BBQ's

Summer Parties

No less than 4 weddings

Big project strarts in Glasgow

2013 looks like its shapping up to be an excellent year, I am very grateful to have so many wonderful friends and a fantastic family who make my life a happy place to be.